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What if Cars Were a Trend?

The internet is not going anywhere. Social Media is not going anywhere. As small to medium business operators, it may feel as though you are doing enough by posting a message now and again, by using social once a week. This method is simply not going to work as the world we know gets taken deeper and deeper into the age of digital. More Content … Continue reading What if Cars Were a Trend?

22 Years Old – 10 Years Experience

I remember being 12 years old, learning the basics of Photoshop from my uncle. Photoshopping my face into the driver’s seat of a racecar did not feel like much of “career experience” at the time, but there was something about feeling the creative power flow through me. The way I could create anything I desired, using my imagination at every corner. It was this humble … Continue reading 22 Years Old – 10 Years Experience