22 Years Old – 10 Years Experience

Written By – David Laroche

I remember being 12 years old, learning the basics of Photoshop from my uncle. Photoshopping my face into the driver’s seat of a racecar did not feel like much of “career experience” at the time, but there was something about feeling the creative power flow through me. The way I could create anything I desired, using my imagination at every corner. It was this humble begining that would help shape every day, every lesson, every action up until today.

Those feelings have never gone away, even as the content has changed over the years. From sketchy photoshopping, to early photography, tee shirt design, and blog writing, I have always had a desire to create.

Video Game Fever

At the age of 13 I began to really dig into design, business, and the art of creative communication. My brothers and I got this game called “Little Big Planet” and it seemed to revolutionize my perspective of the world. This game’s point was to create and share your 2D platform type levels with others around the world. It was at this point I realized how big the internet was going to be.

Think about it. From my house, at 13 years old, I could build and share experiences with people from all over the world. Using design and creativity to build levels, and using business type communication to promote the content. It was it’s own version of social media.

I became obsessed with Little Big Planet, I ran online forums, wrote blogs on game updates and other people’s created levels. I actually even got recognized by the game studio for my passion and love for this game and its community. To you it may not seem like much, but to me, it was when I realized that I could actually pursue a career in creativity.

Failures Push You Forward

At the age of 15 I reached out to a local shop and asked if they needed help designing tees. Me (not realizing how limited my skills at this time were) never thought about how complex the business could be. I was brought to the shop, and was instantly overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge I did not have. Sitting there feeling stupid, as I had no answers for any questions the owner asked me, I realized I was over my head.

It was then, at that moment I decided I never wanted to be that unprepared for a job again. At 15 I started to broaden my horizons in all aspects of creativity. From 15 untill today I have not stopped my desire for perfection in every skill imaginable. I have taken on Graphic Design, Web Design, Photography, Videography, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Dropshipping, and many other ventures to help ensure I will be ready for anything that comes my way.

There have been many times in my short 10 year career as a digital creator that I have been worried that I did not know enough, that I had too little experience. I’ve heard it all. Each time I am faced with a new short-coming I find it as an excellent opporunity to grow and to learn.

To all young artists, musicians, entrepreneurs out there I wish to inspire you. To tell you to embrace every shortcoming, to face every fear, and to learn. There is no way to look but forward, even when stopping in your tracks feels like the easiest way out of your problems. Nothing worth fighting for, no career worth pursuing has ever come easy.

Every Skill Counts

As a creative in this day and age, it is essential to be well rounded, to understand business as well as design. The walls between business and creative are collapsing, and the need for creative people is becoming more and more essential for businesses.

I believe that the next ten years will completely revolutionize the way we create, just like the internet has revolutionized the previous ten. We are living in a time where learning every day is a must. Where to thrive as a creative you must continue to evolve in every aspect of design, as well as understand the principles of business.

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