What if Cars Were a Trend?

The internet is not going anywhere. Social Media is not going anywhere. As small to medium business operators, it may feel as though you are doing enough by posting a message now and again, by using social once a week. This method is simply not going to work as the world we know gets taken deeper and deeper into the age of digital.

More Content

This does not mean that every business NEEDS to be active on every social channel possible, but everywhere you could possibly be is just another opportunity for your business to meet the consumer “where they are at”. Whether that be email marketing, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogging, podcasts, or more.

Thinking about social media as a trend is as foolish as living back in the early 1900s and thinking that cars were just going to be a trend that would eventually die out. Sure, the platform may change over time, but there is no future that I see where digital is not playing a major part in brand awareness and profitability.

Organic VS. Paid

There is a major value in paid ads on Facebook and Instagram. You can reach the exact person you want, at the exact time you want, for a ridiculously low price. With just a little market research it is scarily easy to advertise in a far more personalized way than you could with radio, television, or print advertising.

Organic reach is not dead, no matter what you hear. You simply just can’t spam your audience with content that they do not want to engage with. Taking time to create content that matters, that resonates with your audience is key to get comments, likes, and shares on all of your content. This may take some tweaking, and some time to build those relationships with your audience, but hey, you are playing for long-term success here, not short-term goals.

Creativity Is Key

It is one thing to post content that looks like everything else, even content that looks visually okay now is getting lost because it is too easy to make “okay” content. To stand out you must deliver value. You must deliver high-quality content to your audience. Whether that is professional photos, creative video, creative visuals, or interesting text, creativity in business, especially when it comes to digital marketing is more important now than ever in this saturated market.

The Future is Bright

I am not attached to Facebook. I am not attached to Instagram. I am attached to where the attention is, that is where the audience is, and that’s where your brand must be if you want to stay one step ahead of your competition.

As the “digital generations” take over more and more of the market wouldn’t you want to be ahead of the game, as opposed to trying to catch up with other brands as they realize that the digital age just is not going to fade away.

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